Enrolment – Attend one of our events in person or virtually or just send us an enquiry!

Open Days

Currently due to the restrictions imposed from COVID-19 and in particular pertaining to group gatherings, and in the interest of your health and safety, we have suspended all Open Days until further notice.

How to learn more about the school

We understand the challenges faced by families in their pursuit to try and find out more about us. Therefore, we have developed three ways for you to learn more about us:

• Register for one of our online information sessions

• Book a private tour of the school

• Contact the Enrolment team via email or phone

All these can be booked in the online form below

What’s involved in an Information Session?

Our Information Sessions use the cloud based conferencing service, Zoom. You can access Zoom from the comfort and safety of your home with your computer, i-Pad or smartphone. This means you can now join us from anywhere in the world! The session will cover all aspects of our school and you will be provided with a virtual tour of the school and you will be able to ask your questions in our concluding Q&A session.

Time required: 1.5hrs

(Please see below for our upcoming Zoom information session dates and times)

What’s involved in a Private Tour?

We can currently accept private tours of the school. Private tours are conducted by one of the Enrolment staff and will provide you with a tour of the school facilities and classrooms. In addition we will answer any questions you may have. Please allow 0.5 hours for a private tour.

If you would like a private tour please choose ‘Private School Tour’ in the event options on the form below.


Allow the Enrolment staff to assist you with your questions by filling in the necessary information in the form below. Please choose ‘Enquiry only’ in the event option on the form below.

  • Thursday 15th October 2020 @12noon 【in English】 (Online Info Session by ZOOM)
  • Friday 16th October 2020 @13:00pm 【in Japanese】 (Online Info Session by ZOOM)
  • If you have any other queries for our Enrolment Team – Please choose “Enquiry Only” from the form below.
  • If you would like to have a private tour of the school – Please choose “Private School Tour” from the form below.