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Two curriculums. One school.

International Division -Australian Curriculum (NSW)
Japanese Division -Japanese Curriculum

Welcome to the Sydney Japanese International School

We are a bilingual, bicultural, non-denominational school situated in the leafy suburb of Terrey Hills on the beautiful Northern Beaches of Sydney.

We invite ALL nationalities to our school to participate in a world-class education rich in Japanese culture and virtues.

We offer parents the choice between two divisions, each offering a separate curriculum: the International Division, offering the Australian curriculum from Kindergarten to Year 6, and the Japanese Division, teaching the curriculum as currently taught in Japan for Year 1 – 9. Two curriculums on one campus work towards the same vision.

Our school nurtures academic excellence, encourages active participation and fosters a culture of acceptance. From this ethos, our students emerge as empathetic, skilled and responsible citizens of the world, with fluency in two languages and the capacity to take advantage of the many opportunities this provides.

Benefit of Bilingual Education


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In Loving Memory (SJIS Alumni)

  Erika Poeche who worked in the SJIS office for thirty two years between 1969 and 2001, sadly passed away on the 15th of July 2021, due to cancer. She was 80 years of age at the time of her passing Erika moved from Germany to Australia, and was the first (and female!) SJIS school bus driver. In addition to

Learn a second language and boost creativity! ・第二言語の学習しながら創造性を高める!

According to research, bilingual children significantly outperform those who speak only one language. Children also love learning another language. Here at SJIS we make language learning fun, but also relevant for children. Below is a snapshot as to what students are learning in my classes this term:   Kindergarten In our Kindergarten classes, the students are learning the date/day and

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