Two curriculums, One school, Leading to the future

International Division -Australian Curriculum (NSW)
Japanese Division -Japanese Curriculum

Welcome to the Sydney Japanese International School

We are a bilingual, bicultural, non-denominational school situated in the leafy suburb of Terrey Hills on the beautiful Northern Beaches of Sydney.

We invite ALL nationalities to our school to participate in a world-class education rich in Japanese culture and virtues.

We offer parents the choice between two divisions, each offering a separate curriculum: the International Division, offering the Australian curriculum from Kindergarten to Year 6, and the Japanese Division, teaching the curriculum as currently taught in Japan for Year 1 – 9. Two curriculums on one campus work towards the same vision.

Our school nurtures academic excellence, encourages active participation and fosters a culture of acceptance. From this ethos, our students emerge as empathetic, skilled and responsible citizens of the world, with fluency in two languages and the capacity to take advantage of the many opportunities this provides.


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ビジョンバレーでの宿泊学習・Team Bonding at Vision Valley

Years 5 & 6 of both the International and Japanese Division enjoyed a 2-night ‘team bonding’ excursion at Vision Valley last week. 10月23日(水)~10月25日(金)の2泊3日で、Year 5とYear 6はVision Valleyというところに宿泊学習に行ってきました。 All students got to enjoy activities such as; Archery, Canoeing, the Flying Fox, Swimming and a high ropes course, to name a few! Evenings were spent at the outdoor cinema under the stars and

SJISでのミックスレッスン・Mixed Lessons at SJIS

At SJIS we are fortunate enough to have what we call Mixed Lessons. This enables both students and staff to work closely with each other. In this way we can use both curriculums in Art, Music, HSIE or Social Studies, Coding and Physical Education to give the children the great benefits of two educational systems. シドニー日本人国際学校には、ミックスレッスンというものがあります。日本人学級、国際学級が一緒に授業をし、お互いをよく知り、仲良くなることができます。図工、音楽、体育などの教科でミックスレッスンを行い、日豪両方の教育課程で学習することができる素晴らしい授業です。