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Academic Achievement

SJIS participates in a variety of national and international testing programs to measure learning progress of students, with the aim of continually building their academic strength. Assessments include:

  • National Assessment Program (NAPLAN)
  • Assessment of Language Competence (ALC)
  • Eiken
  • ICAS Assessment Program

NAPLAN is the National Assessment program for Literacy and Numeracy for years 3,5,7 & 9.

NAPLAN is a general assessment of Literacy and Numeracy proficiency, providing a snapshot of how children around the country answer a particular set of Maths and English questions. Therefore, NAPLAN has the potential to shed interesting light on students’ learning at a point of time, and highlight what needs to be done to improve literacy and learning proficiency.

SJIS’s 2016 NAPLAN results for Year 5 Literacy and Numeracy were outstanding, with levels significantly higher than those of students at statistically similar schools. In 2011, SJIS was ranked 6th in the state, against 2070 participating schools.

ACER (Australian Council of Education Research) Conducts the ALC (Assessment of Language Competence) annually. This test is primarily designed for Upper Primary School students learning Japanese. It is divided into three certificate levels:

  • Certificate 1: designed for Upper Primary students
  • Certificate/s 2 &3: designed for secondary students

Each year, SJIS students outperform state and statistically similar schools.

EIKEN is an English-language testing program used widely in Japan. More than 2 million people take the EIKEN tests each year at 18,000 locations in Japan and in 45 other countries. SJIS is the only school in Australia that is registered to undertake Eiken testing.
SJIS is registered to undertake Eiken testing in Australia.

Our Year 7-9 students who study just 2-3 years of English daily language learning can pass Eiken grade 2, which is equivalent to Year 12 level of English.