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このように、本校は世界の日本人学校に先駆けた教育方法で教育を行い校内で国際交流ができる理想的な学校です。 オーストラリアで学ぶ際には、ぜひ、わがオーストラリア日本人学校へおいでください。

三 浦 昌 道
Allan Meadows

国際学級 教頭

Students enrolled in the International Division receive a quality and rounded education, studying the Australian curriculum which not only caters for all the required Key Learning Areas, but we also add a quality and highly effective second language development in an ideal learning environment.

The language proficiency attained in primary school here provides a real and enduring language base, which enables the students to become bilingual. The academic focus also leads students successfully to the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.

Understanding culture is often seen as going hand in hand with additional language learning, and SJIS provides this authentic and very tangible aspect to our students, as they experience friendships through carefully planned and shared learning activities, as well as a number of festivals and events throughout the year.

I would like to welcome any interested families to come to our campus. Indeed we have a beautiful environment, wonderful space and facilities, a committed and caring parent community, and a school year full of exciting school events for our students. What we are aiming to create is the optimal learning environment with a balanced focus, to ensure excellence in academic, social and language development areas.

Yours faithfully,

Allan Meadows

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