Current fees from April 2017
Non-Refundable One Time Application Fee $220
Non-Refundable One Time Enrolment Fee $1,000
Refundable One Time Bond Fee $1,000
Tuition Fees Current fees from April 2017

$9,680 per annum - Y1 – Y9
$9,280 per annum - Kindergarten
Fees can be paid quarterly on the first day of each term. Alternatively fees can be paid in a lump sum upfront each year.
class Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4 Total Annual Fee
Kindergarten $2,415 $2,415 $2,415 $2,415 $9,660
Y1 - Y9 $2,515 $2,515 $2,515 $2,515 $10,060
Membership Fee
$40 per annum
Educational Fees Educational expenses such as text books, excursion fees, and some bus fees are collected by the school. 
Building Fund $500 per annum
Library Fund $200 per annum

The Building and Library Funds are voluntary contributions, they are not compulsory. The amounts are only recommended figures. Financial donations are tax deductible.
Sibling Discount The discount is applicable to tuition fees only and applications must be made when the younger sibling is enrolling.  The sibling discount for tuition fees will be 10% where there are two children from the same family enrolling in SJS. For three or more siblings, a 50% discount rate is applied. The discount will be applicable to the younger sibling(s).
Payment Method Payments to the school can be made by bank transfer, cash, cheque or credit card (Visa and MasterCard. Please note that when paying by credit card a handling fee is charged. All charges are expressed in Australian Dollars (AUD) including GST. 

These fees are payable per student and are adjusted annually. 
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