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Application Process
In order to be considered for a place at SJIS, prospective students will need to lodge a completed application form and pay an application fee. New applications are received throughout the calender year.
Enrolment Steps
Step 1
Please return a completed and signed Application Form to our SJIS administration office by email registrar@sjs.nsw.edu.au or post Registrar SJIS 112 Booralie Road Terrey Hills NSW 2084 or fax 02 9450 1192.

Our Finance Department will send you an invoice for a non-refundable application fee of $220.00 AUD (including GST). Applicants are placed on an enrolment list once the application fee is processed.
Step 2
Kindergarten Students:
When a child is enrolling in the Kindergarten classes, they will be invited to attend an informal assessment and interview. Every year, assessments take place between June and October. Please note that both the assessment  and interview are very informal and a parent (or parents) are encouraged to accompany their children during the assessment. 

Grade 1 to Grade 6 Students:
When a child is entering in Year 1 to Year 6, SJIS requires previous school reports and/or performance records.  Once these have been received, an interview with the Principal and Deputy Principal will be arranged to review the child's past academic and social performances.   This is an informal interview and we encourage both the child and their parents to attend the meeting.  

Kindergarten to Grade 6 Students
In the case in which English is not the first language of the student applicant, the English language ability of the student may also be assessed during the interview.  If you could inform us of any issues pertaining to your child’s health or well-being that may need to be relayed to our staff/teachers during the interview/ assessment sessions. 
Step 3

If your application is successful, you will receive a letter of acceptance from SJIS.  This letter needs to be signed and returned to the school with the Enrolment Fee of $1,000.00 AUD and the School Bond of $1,000.00 AUD.
The School Bond will be returned to the family upon departure of the child from the school.

Step 4

Once Step 1, 2 & 3 is complete, you will receive a Letter of Offer from the SJIS Principal to confirm your childs acceptance to the school.


Enrolment Policy
SJIS reserves the right to assess the suitability of each child seeking enrolment.  The assessment procedure assists us to determine the needs of individual childen in the school environment.
In case the school ascertains that we are unable to meet the needs of the child who wishes to enrol after the assessment and interview, the application might be declined. 
Enrolment applications are processed upon receipt of application fee. Places are not confirmed until the authorisation has been sent from the school principal.
Priority is given to siblings of current students and special consideration will also be given to families who relocate to Sydney from overseas or intrastate.

Kindergarten children must turn 5 years of age by 31st of July of the year that they wish to enrol. 
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