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Kindergarten Life
Ready for School
It is important that the children are ready to attend our school, socially, emotionally and mentally. Our school is demanding and challenging academically as well as socially. The timetable is rigorous and structured.

Children are required to learn a foreign language on top of the standard Australian curriculum. We hold numerous school events, which require a certain level of maturity to be involved. They will find some friends in the same class have totally different cultural and language backgrounds, which can sometimes make communication challenging.

Although, it is challenging, we maintain a small class size to cater for children’s individual needs in order to maximize each child’s full potential. We are confident that SJIS can offer the very best environment to nurture children’s patience, acceptance and understanding of one another through its cultural diversity.
Kindergarten Classes

At SJIS, we have two Kindergarten classes – Kindergarten Koala(KK), and Kindergarten Wallaby(KW). In principle, the children who wish to be transferred to the Japanese Division from Year 1 will be recommended to enrol in the KK class. 

The children who wish to continue studying the Australian curriculum will enter the KWclass, which requires a certain level of English to enrol. Both classes are part of the International Division of SJIS. Each class consists of up to 20 children. Both Kindergarten teachers are experienced and qualified to teach the Australian Curriculum.

Japanese Language Program

Koala and Wallaby
In the International Division, children from Kindergarten to Y6 take daily Japanese language lessons. Our highly qualified and experienced language teachers offer top quality Japanese language lessons to every child. It is worth mentioning that not every child at SJIS has a Japanese background. For us, it is always a pleasure to see a child who had no previous knowledge of Japanese when they joined us, graduating SJIS as a fluent Japanese speaker.

Kindergarten children are divided into two classes depending on their Japanese language background. Their level of progress is assessed at the end of the Kindergarten year, then students are placed into one of three classes for subsequent years, depending on their language proficiency. We provide appropriate extension and enrichment programs for children with advanced ability to accelerate their learning. Homework is quite demanding, with Japanese language homework given every school day.

The annual Japanese Language Festival held every September is a focal point for the children to demonstrate their progress in Japanese in front of their parents and friends. Assessment of Language Competency (ALC) is held for Year 4 & 6 students. Japanese cultural activities for Year K to 2, and cooking lessons for Year 3 to 6 are also part of the curriculum.

School after Kindergarten

The KW children proceed to Year 1 of the International Division from January the following year. The KK children have one extra term of tuition with a Japanese teacher from January to March to prepare for their transition into the Japanese Division in April, which coincides with the school commencement in Japan.

School Buses

It is always one of the major concerns for parents to send their little children to school via school buses. We take great care of the safety of the little ones on the school buses.

The bus stop is on site so the children do not have to cross a road to get from/to school. Every morning and afternoon, designated SJIS staff and teachers supervise children getting on and off the school buses.

We recommend the Kindergarten children be dropped off / picked up for the first few weeks of Term 1 in order to ease any potential anxiety children may experience adapting to school life. We can also organise ‘After School Care’ for your children, if required.

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