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Japanese Division Curriculum
The Japanese Curriculum
The advantage of sending your children to the Japanese Division is that the curriculum completely follows the guidelines set out by the Ministry of Education in Japan. Students are able to have a “Japanese education” right here in Australia.

It is possible for the students to continue their Japanese education without any delay and they will be able to fit right back into the system in Japan upon their return. Also, through their school life at SJIS, students will be learning about Japanese etiquette and discipline on a daily basis as they would do in any local school in Japan.
Basic Curriculum
Primary School
Japanese (Kokugo), Social Studies, Mathematics, Science, Life Education, Music, Art, Home Economics, Morality, Special Activities
Junior High School
Japanese (Kokugo), Social Studies, Mathematics, Science, English, Music, Art, PDHPE, Technology and Home Economics, Morality, Special Activies
Apart from the basic curriculum, students will have English lessons. Primary students have EFL lessons 5 periods a week and Junior High School students have 4 periods a week.
Teaching Staff
The teachers in the Japanese Division are selected from all over Japan by the Ministry of Education and have been assigned to teach at SJIS. There are also specialist teachers hired locally who hold a Japanese teaching license.

The EFL teachers are all native English speakers who are qualified NSW teachers. The students are able to learn natural expressions and pronunciations from our locally hired teachers.
School Term
The Japanese Division begins their school Year in April and finishes in March as they would in Japan. To ensure a smooth running of classes and school events which are conducted in conjunction with the International Division, there are 4 Terms (same as Australian local schools).
English Lessons
English lessons conducted by native speakers
At SJIS, we provide extra English lessons apart from the basic curriculum taught in Japan. In the Primary section, there are 5 lessons per week (1 lesson a day) and in the Junior High School section, 4 lessons per week.
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