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Mixed Lesson
The following subjects are taught as a form of 'Mixed Lesson' with the Japanese Division at SJIS to enhance foreign language learning, by providing authentic contexts for our students to use newly learned language skills. Mixed lessons are crucial for providing this context for tacit learning – the natural transfer of language skills and knowledge
Creative Art and Music
Giving students experiences and allowing them to perform and express themselves in n visual arts, music, drama and dance.
Developing the technical competence and skills of designing and performing.
Learning appreciation and self-expression in the visual and practical arts, which include music and drama.
Music and art classes are taught as mixed lessons with students from the Japanese Division. Instruction in these classes is conducted in both English and Japanese.
Personal Development, Health & Physical Education
Developing the knowledge, skills and attitudes students need to lead healthy, active n and fulfilling lives.
Developing skills in inter-personal relationships and positive values, attitudes and beliefs.
Learning skills to play individual sports, and the values of sportsmanship and teamwork.
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