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Language Program (JFL)
Japanese Language Program
In the International Division, children from Kindergarten to Y6 take daily Japanese language lessons. Our highly qualified and experienced language teachers offer top quality Japanese language lessons to every child. It is worth mentioning that not every child at SJIS has a Japanese background. For us, it is always a pleasure to see a child who had no previous knowledge of Japanese when they joined us, graduating SJIS as a fluent Japanese speaker.

Kindergarten children are divided into two classes depending on their Japanese language background. Their level of progress is assessed at the end of the Kindergarten year, then students are placed into one of three classes for subsequent years, depending on their language proficiency. We provide appropriate extension and enrichment programs for children with advanced ability to accelerate their learning. Homework is quite demanding, with Japanese language homework given every school day.

The annual Japanese Language Festival held every September is a focal point for the children to demonstrate their progress in Japanese in front of their parents and friends. Assessment of Language Competency (ALC) is held for Year 4 & 6 students. Japanese cultural activities for Year K to 2, and cooking lessons for Year 3 to 6 are also part of the curriculum.
Japanese Language Classes
Nihongo 1 This course is designed for children who have little or no prior knowledge of Japanese. It is programmed according to the NSW BOS Japanese K-10 syllabus*.
Children study a number of topics which are carefully crafted to link to the contents studied in their core subjects such as HSIE (Human Society and its Environment) and Science.
Students begin by learning basic Japanese used in common everyday situations and continue to build on and expand their knowledge over the school years. By the end of Y6, students will have a good grasp of the Japanese language, and reach the equivalent to Stages 4/5 (Year 10/11) at high school level. Classes are mainly conducted in English, but gradually increase the use of Japanese as students gain confidence and proficiency in the language.
Nihongo 2 This course is designed for children with some but limited knowledge of Japanese language. It aims to build on the students’ basic skill levels; expanding students’ reading and writing competencies while improving their listening and speaking competencies. By the end of Y6, students reach a Japanese equivalent to Stages 5/6 (Year 11/12) at high school level. Classes are mainly conducted in Japanese with some English. It is also programmed according to theNSW BOS Japanese K-10 syllabus*.
Students study a number of topics over the course of the year. These topics are again linked to the contents studied in their core subjects, such as HSIE and Science.
Both Nihongo 1 (JFL1) and Nihongo 2 (JFL 2) courses cover the same topics. In Nihongo 2, however, more detailed and authentic materials are utilized to extend students’ language development.
Nihongo 3 This course is designed for students with native level or near native fluency in both spoken and written Japanese.
The content follows the Nihongo 2 program, however, it incorporates aspects of the Japanese national language curriculum as set by the Ministry of Education in Japan (MEXT or Monbu Kagaku-Sho). As such, Japanese Kokugo textbooks are also used in this course. Nihongo 3 classes are conducted entirely in Japanese.

*Please refer to NSW Board of Studies website for more details of the syllabus. http://www.boardofstudies.nsw.edu.au/
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