Latest COVID information for the return to face-to-face learning

Monday 18th October Kindergarten and Year 1 students return to school Year 2 to Year 9 students continue remote learning

Monday 25th October Year 2 to Year 9 students return to school

We will be following the NSW Health and NSW Education Departments areas of focus:


● All rooms will have main windows, louvre windows and doors open to ensure clean air ventilation.

● Air purifiers purchased and installed in classrooms (downstairs classrooms, language classrooms and specialist classrooms)

Social Distancing

● All classroom seating is to be organised to encourage social distancing.

● No floor activities are to be allowed.

● Mixed lessons not to run during Term 4 (Art, Music, P.E.)

● No large gathering of students (assemblies) allowed indoors.

Mask Wearing

● All staff to wear masks indoors while teaching.

● High School students to wear masks.

● Primary School students to be encouraged to wear masks, but not mandated as per the government guidelines.

● All students on the charter buses and public buses to wear masks to and from school.

Enhancing Cleaning Schedules

● Classrooms to be cleaned during breaks.

● Common walkways to be cleaned before and after each main break.

● Large play equipment to be cleaned before and after each main break.

Hand sanitiser and soap

● Students to sanitise hands before entering the classroom each morning and before each main break.

● Students to clean their hands before eating food and before each main break.

COVID-19 Symptoms

● No student to attend school if suffering from any flu-like symptoms.

● A negative COVID-19 test must be produced on return to school.

● No staff member to attend school if suffering from any Covid symptoms.

● If your child or any household member is identified as a casual or close contact of a positive COVID -19 case, you need to notify SJIS immediately.


● All staff to be fully vaccinated by the time of the return of students

Parents on campus

● No parents are allowed on campus for student activities (reading groups, PTA events) until further notice.

● Dropping off of students – follow the dropping off instruction (it will be sent to you), parents not to leave their vehicle and socialise with other parents in carpark.

● Picking up of students – follow the picking up instruction (it will be sent to you), parents not to leave their vehicle and socialise with other parents in carpark. SJIS Staff will manage the picking up of students with parents in the carpark, ensuring social distancing rules are followed

● Any parent that needs to enter the Reception Area, must wear a mask and use the Services NSW App to register themselves into SJIS.

As updated 12.7.2021

Following the guidelines set out by the NSW Government, the school will be conducting on-line learning from W/C 12/7/2021. However, the school will remain open for any essential worker children. If any child will be physically attending school, COVID-safe guidelines will be in place for both children and parents who may be entering the school to drop off and pick up their child.

As updated 12.3.2021

Following the updated COVID Safe School Guidelines by the NSW Government, we can now invite more parents on campus in the following situations:

  • By appointment or invitation, parents are allowed to attend school meetings or events.
  • The PTA room is allowed to be used for PTA activities and waiting purposes. Normal signing-in procedures are still to be followed

Parents are still advised to continue to drop off and pick up their children from the front of the reception area.

Parents will be informed of the COVID Safe School Guidelines before each school event.

As updated 14.01.2021

We will continue to follow closely the NSW Government Covid-safe guidelines for schools which includes:

  • Excluding all adults not involved in curriculum activities from the school.
  • Monitoring all students and staff carefully for symptoms and excluding anyone with symptoms and encouraging immediate testing for those staff and students with any symptoms, however mild.
  • Facemasks to be worn by all parents and visitors to the school while on school premises until further notice.

As updated 19.08.2020

In response to the recent cases of COVID-19 in some schools across the state, NSW Health provided advice to schools for further measures to help minimize the risk of COVID-19 transmission in school communities.

NSW Health have requested schools to:

  • remind parents and carers to NOT send children to school if they are unwell, even if they have the mildest flu-like symptoms.
  • make arrangements for students who present as unwell or who have flu-like symptoms to be sent home.
  • encourage anyone who is unwell or who have flu-like symptoms to be tested for COVID-19
  • prohibit students and staff to return to school until providing a copy of a negative COVID-19 test result

We are obliged to follow these measures to ensure the safety and health of our school community.

Please find more details from the link below

As updated 20.07.2020

We hope that students and families have enjoyed the mid-year break. We look forward to welcoming students back for the start of Term 3 at Sydney Japanese international School. As you will be aware, COVID-19 cases have increased in Victoria and NSW in recent days with the border between NSW and Victoria now closed.  We advise any person who has been in Victoria within the last 14 days and is already in NSW or has arrived/arrives in NSW on or after 12.01am on Wednesday 8 July, must self-isolate for a 14-day period. Parents and visitors are advised to check and follow the latest advice from authorities. Please use this link: While we plan for students to return to face to face teaching and learning onsite on Tuesday 21 July, we will continue to follow the advice of Health authorities and NSW Government.

As updated 02.07.2020

On 19th June the NSW Ministry of Education announced “A guide to NSW school students returning to face-to-face learning”. Following the guide, we will be easing some restrictions at SJIS from Term 3 (Tuesday 21st July). These will include:

1. No more temperature check at the gates in the morning. We will ask parents to continue checking the temperature of their child at home before coming to school in the morning. We will be asking parents to keep their child at home if their child/ren are not feeling 100% (even a slight fever or a mild cold/flu symptoms) we will be asking parents to keep them at home.
2. We will no longer disinfect playground equipment several times a day. However, this will still occur throughout the day but less frequently.
3. Less restriction on school assembly. We will be holding assemblies however it will not be longer than 15 mins.
4. After School Activities for children will recommence. Parents still not able to attend (no activities for adults): As the parents are not allowed to come into school, we will ask parents to pick up their child/ren up at the main gate after the activities.

What we will still be doing in Term 3 (until further notice):

1. Limited gates still to be used for dropping off and picking up
2. Parents are not allowed to enter SJIS premise (excluding Parent/Teacher individual meetings, some of the PTA meetings and other indispensable meetings with the permission from the Principal)
3. Encouragement of hand washing and facial masks.
4. Disinfection of common high-touched areas, such as toilet doors, classroom doors and handrails.
5. Special arrangement at going-home bus lines to avoid crowding at and around the Assembly Hall.
6. Keeping social distancing and avoid chatting at the gates and car park during the drop-off and pick-up time.

As updated 26.05.2020

Further proactive prevention measures are now currently being exercised in the School. Combined with the list dated 21.05.2020 these further measures include:

  • No Assembly
  • No use of playground equipment such as New Playground, Kindy Playground, sand pit, chin up bars and unicycles
  • No use of the bubblers until further notice
  • No crowding in the Assembly Hall awaiting buses to go home
  • No borrowing books from the library
  • High-touch surfaces are being disinfected several times a day

As updated 21.05.2020

Our school is now back to full-time face-to-face learning. We believe face-to-face learning is important for the healthy development of students’ mind and body, whilst also being a reduction of stress on parents. However, we will be practicing the following proactive prevention measures:

  • Only 2 gates will be used for entering into the school premises
  •  Parents are strictly prohibited from entering inside the new black gates until
    further notice.
  •  The School will encourage parents to immediately return to their car after drop off/pick up
  • Temperatures will be checked for  SJIS teachers and staff first thing in the morning.
  • Parents are being asked to check their child’s temperature at home before bringing their child to school.
  • The temperature of the students will be checked at the gates before entering the
    school premises. If the temperature is 37.5 ℃ or higher, the student will have to go
    back home.
  •  If a student has high temperature or is feeling unwell during school hours, the School Principal
    will make a decision and we will contact the parents.
  •  After entering school, the students will be instructed to wash their hands.
  • The School will continue to reinforce strict hygiene protocols to all staff and students and
    follow all Government Health advice.
  •  There will be hand sanitisers in each classroom and various areas in school. The playground equipment, door handles, tables and other shared high-touch
    surfaces will be disinfected and wiped down regularly throughout a day.
  • No assembly will be held until further notice.
  • Waiting for buses to go home will be arranged in and out of the Assembly Hall to
    maintain social distance.

As updated 25.04.2020

We wish to extend our thoughts to you during this challenging time. The health and safety of our students is paramount and as such we will be putting in place precautionary measures in accordance with the NSW government guidelines, in an effort to protect our school community and the community at large.

What do these precautionary measures look like?

1. Social Distancing and reduced campus activity

In order to adhere to strict social distancing measures, campus activity will be reduced to a minimum. This means the School will remain open to those children who cannot receive supervision at home. This could be because their parents are delivering frontline services to the community. It is therefore important that supervision of their children is prioritised by our school to ensure they can continue to carry out their work and support the continued function of society.

All other parents and carers are strongly advised to keep their children at home if possible. Any student whose parents or carers are not able to appropriately supervise their children at home should continue to attend school.

2. No Unnecessary visits to the school

We kindly ask that any parents or visitors who have travelled overseas, to not enter the school campus for a period of 14 days after arriving back into Australia. We ask that any prospective parents who are inquiring about enrolling their child into SJIS to please send an email to the Enrolment Team at: [email protected]. Alternatively, the school will be conducting monthly online information sessions via Zoom. Registration is required.

3. Cancellation of Term 2 School Excursions and Incursions

All scheduled Term 2 International Division/ Term 1 Japanese Division excursions as well as incursions for the term are being cancelled until further notice. This also includes our special school events such as: Sports Day, May Observation Day and the PTA Grand Meeting. We deeply apologise to students, parents and carers for this but hope to reschedule some of them for later in the year once restrictions have been lifted.

4. Anyone feeling unwell to remain at home

We are asking any student, parent, carer or SJIS staff member or teacher to remain at home if they are feeling unwell and exhibiting flu-like symptoms, or have been overseas or in contact with anyone who has been overseas. We advise they contact their local GP, the Emergency Department at their closest hospital or call Healthdirect on: 1800 022 222

5. Encouraging good hygiene

The school will follow the Government guidelines for good hygiene to eliminate any risk of COVID-19. These include:

  • Students to wash hands with soap and / or clean hands with hand sanitiser as they enter and leave the classroom on every occasion (start of the day, recess, lunch, end of the day, going to and from specialist lessons, toilet breaks)
  • Social distancing rules will apply in classrooms.  Desks will be moved apart by 1.5 metres.
  • The number of students in 1 classroom will not exceed 10 students

Learning from Home

  1. SJIS has provided iPads for students where required
  2. Textbooks, workbooks and printouts have been distributed to use for home schooling for reading and writing.
  3. Students will use LoiLo Note and Google Classroom, as their online learning tools.
  4. Google classroom, Zoom and the school app will be the main communication tools used for communicating with parents
  5. Teachers for each class have organised class content for each week for their online learning.

Students attending school will be provided with the same class content as distance learning, and the school will provide support and guidance so that they can have a school life as similar to usual as possible.

  1. Chromebooks have been distributed on a loan basis from Kindergarten to Year 6. Other students are using home devices.
  2. All study instructions and materials for students have been distributed to students and communicated to via Google Classroom, Zoom and email.
  3. Home learning will be conducted following the instruction and contents prepared carefully by each classroom teacher.
  4. The daily check-in, instructions and submissions will be done mainly through Google Classroom and Zoom.
  5. The school will contact parents mainly through email.
  6. All online learning materials will be according to the students’ year as outlined in the NSW curriculum.

Students attending school will be provided with the same class content as distance learning, and the school will provide support and guidance so that they can have a school life as similar to usual as possible.

Wellbeing during COVID-19

Additional resources

These are some resources which will keep either the parents or students informed or entertained during this time away from school.

Interviews by Monash University from those people who have used or are using the Japanese language as part of their career, job, life or experiences.

Please note this information has been collated from NSW Government health advice and is relevant for the start of Term 2 for the International Division and Term 1 of the Japanese Division. This information may change from time to time as new information comes to light so we will do our best to keep abreast of these changes and we will present the information here on our website.


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