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What People Say

I am extremely lucky that I attended this school, since I can now speak English and Japanese fluently.
I believe that being bilingual is a great asset for the future, and every student at SJIS has a fantastic opportunity not just to learn a foreign language, but to grow up with two mother tongues.
Again, thank you very much. It has been an excellent seven years at this school.

Andrew Johnston - SJIS Alumni

My experience at the Sydney Japanese School was tremendous. Not only did I learn a second language as a young child (which helped me greatly in the HSC), but I also learned so many cultural & life lessons which you cannot put a value on. Open mindedness, willingness to look for other ways of doing things (not just the dominant way within your own culture), and that friendships surpass race & language barriers. The school’s sports days & other festivals are memories I will keep forever.

Dr Jordana Sweetman PhD. /SJIS ALUMNI

My time at SJIS was filled with such great memories.

The smaller class sizes meant we were very well supported in the classroom and we also got to know our peers really well – I made some incredible friends (in both the international and Japanese Division) – people I keep in touch with even 20 years later!
As well as learning the Japanese language, we were also exposed to the Japanese culture through the many events held throughout the year. Sports days and fetes allowed us to have fun while we learnt.

I often think back and realise also how lucky I was with the opportunities SJIS and learning another language provided me. I went on to a Selective High school, lived for a year in Japan as an exchange student, studied nursing at university and then spent years travelling around the world.

I believe SJIS gave me a good start in life by giving me confidence in my ability as a student to learn, as well as an interest in other languages and cultures – something I believe shaped who I am today.

Sarah Knapman, SJIS Alumni

My sister has spoken so highly of the school over the years and it was a delight to be greeted by such pleasant, enthusiastic and courteous students. I was very impressed with their level of learning and the comradery amongst staff. As a teacher myself, although in a special education setting and from Melbourne, my own education has been enriched as well.

Teresa Leech, Teacher

SJIS is a unique school which offers many benefits and creates a one of a kind primary school experience that is difficult to find in other mainstream Australian schools. It not only allows students to grow up in a welcoming and nurturing environment but prepares them well for high school and even life after. Being surrounded by students of various ethnic backgrounds deepened my knowledge and understanding of other cultures, in addition to familiarizing myself with the important value of acceptance which I have been able to take with me throughout my life. The green and spacious campus gives students more than adequate space to play during recess and lunch and accommodates well for community events such as the annual Sports Day, language festivals and music concerts. Every aspect of the school provided a sense of excitement and enthusiasm, whether it was the Japanese lessons in the tatami room, lunch times on unicycles or free time on the playground. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at this school, creating many friendships with students and close bonds with teachers along the way as well as gaining a more profound acknowledgement and gratitude towards my heritage.

Naomi Sheather, Graduate of SJIS International Division 2013