Our Vision, Mission and Values

“We are dedicated to nurturing student excellence, with world-class education, cross-cultural immersion and expanded possibilities”

- Jodie Hoenig, SJIS Deputy Principal (International Division)

Our Vision

Two curriculums, one school, leading to the future.

To actively nurture our students to become mindful leaders of the future. We encourage them to be Kakehashi, connecting cultures, communities and countries, as the next generation of global citizens.

Our Mission

Sydney Japanese International School (SJIS) is one school offering two curriculums: Japanese and Australian.

Authorised by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, and registered as an independent school by the New South Wales Education Standards Authority, SJIS provides a unique education which exceeds the regular Japanese and Australian curriculums.

We develop our students to be ‘Kakehashi’ * (bridges), which connect communities and cultures, contributing both locally and to the broader global society by virtue of their exceptional bilingual abilities and cross-cultural understanding. We cultivate this experience at the SJIS campus, in a serene environment surrounded by the natural beauty of Sydney.

SJIS is dedicated to nurturing the individual learning needs of our students. We provide an enriched learning environment that empowers young people to succeed.

Our Values

Through our values, we reflect a school community that everyone—students, teachers, and families—can be proud to be part of. These values help build our common culture. They guide us in our decisions, our day-to-day conduct and they form the basis of our school spirit. 

Courtesy: Act kindly and in a courteous manner towards others.
Honesty: Be truthful in all your relations with others.
Responsibility: Assume responsibility for your obligations, your actions and your belongings. Be punctual and wear the school uniform proudly.
Justice: Seek the fairest and most just way for all.
Generosity: Consider others in your daily activities and be generous in your thoughts, deeds and words.
Perseverance: Continue in a course of action even in the face of difficulty.
Respect: Be respectful of others, yourself and your environment.