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Our Vision, Mission and Values

“We are dedicated to nurturing student excellence, with world-class education, cross-cultural immersion and expanded possibilities”

- Jodie Hoenig, SJIS Deputy Principal (International Division)

Our Vision

The students, parents and teachers of SJIS become global citizens, able to interact with others in our global community with purpose and integrity.

Our Mission

SJIS seeks to achieve academic excellence in all key learning areas with an emphasis on second language learning. We aim to foster the culture and traditions of all societies by developing awareness of cultural differences through cross-cultural learning.

Our Values

These core values underpin our vision and mission and how all the SJIS community are encouraged to conduct themselves. This ideal value set enacts the foundation of good character:

Courtesy: act kindly and in a courteous manner towards others.
Honesty: be truthful in all relations with others.
Responsibility: Responsibility: assume responsibility for your obligations and belongings, for being punctual.
Justice: Justice: seek the fair and just way for all and be willing to compromise.
Generosity: be generous and giving.
Perseverance: try your best in all endeavours.
Respect: Everyone at SJIS has the right to teach and to learn in an environment of mutual respect and tolerance. Show respect to others, yourself and your environment.