Greetings from the Principal of the Sydney Japanese International School

Our school aim is “to help each student develop their potential, and to help develop individuals who are ready to create a new era”. I hope that our children will become globally-minded individuals who contribute to societies in Japan and internationally, working towards cultivating a peaceful world.

SJIS encourages students to learn about their own, as well as other countries, in order to deepen their understanding of their cultures and history. By doing so, they will learn open-mindedness and how to effectively communicate with others while respecting the thoughts and values of people of different backgrounds.

At  SJIS, the Japanese Division studies the curriculum set by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology – Japan, while the International Division studies the Australian Curriculum for NSW.

In the Japanese Division, lessons are conducted in Japanese which will ensure that students are equipped with language abilities on-par with students in Japan. We also take a proactive approach in strengthening their English language skills by providing one period of English language lessons every day, and also through collaboration with the International Division classes and local schools.

In the International Division, the lessons are conducted in English and Japanese language lessons are scheduled for one period every day.

SJIS has these unique and ideal qualities unlike any other Japanese School around the world, where students are able to experience international exchange daily, right within the school. Please come and visit to study with us at our exceptional school.

Mr Shinya Ikawa
Sydney Japanese International School

Greetings from the Head of the International Division

We welcome children from all nationalities to receive the gift of a bilingual education. We are dedicated to nurturing student excellence, with world-class education, cross cultural immersion and expanded possibilities. Our unique school fosters students’ development through exceptional bilingual and bicultural programs. We pride ourselves on the school’s diverse community and international perspective. Students enrolled in the International Division follow the NSW syllabuses as well as a comprehensive Japanese language program with high quality, daily Japanese language lessons. SJIS students are encouraged to learn and grow in an enriched environment, emerging as confident global citizens of the world who are well prepared for high school.

The language proficiency attained here provides a real and enduring language base, which enables students to become future global citizens with all the opportunities a bilingual education provides. Students experience friendships and cultural diversity through shared lessons with the Japanese Division and extra-curricular activities including the Japanese Language Festival, School Concert, cheer leading, soccer club, guitar lessons, Shodo club, Japanese calligraphy and exciting events throughout the year.

With our small class sizes, peaceful environment, excellent sporting facilities, specialist teachers and extensive bus transport services our school stands out from the rest.

I am delighted to welcome families of all backgrounds to attend any one of our monthly Open Days or contact the school for further information. We’d be proud to show you our world-class facilities, exceptional teachers and delightful students!

Yours faithfully,

Mrs Jodie Hoenig
Deputy Principal
International Division