Greetings from the Deputy Principal of the Sydney Japanese International School (International Division)

Welcome to the International Division of Sydney Japanese International School, where our purpose is to bring out the best in every student, and help them approach life with self-motivation, confidence and consideration for others.

The welcoming and friendly nature found within Australia and Japan is in abundance once you walk through the doors at SJIS.  From the time you hear the traditional morning greeting “Ohayo Gozaimasu”, every student and family is made to feel part of this unique school community.

We offer the NSW K-6 curriculum to students from diverse cultural backgrounds, focusing on high quality education and cross-cultural immersion. SJIS fosters students’ development through its unique bilingual and bicultural program. The International Division prides itself on a high level of academic achievement, smaller class sizes and a caring and stimulating learning environment.

After decades of experience of educating students from Japan or Australia, we are especially interested in helping them maintain their sense of cultural identity.  To this end, we deliver the Japanese Foreign Language program in many different forms and encourage programmes that enable students to remain connected.  Japanese culture is promoted with the annual Japanese Language Festival, the whole school Soran Dance on Sports Day, and calligraphy lessons, as well as the usual celebration of festivals and Japanese cooking classes, which provide rich and authentic contexts in which to foster language development and cultural awareness.

SJIS is an inclusive school where academic standards are high.  We work hard to get to know every student within the community, discover his or her personal strengths and interests and guide all of them towards the right paths for growth.  There is room for every interest and talent at SJIS, regardless of whether this is in science, music, sports, coding, design or more.  We are delighted to go on a journey with your children at their pace and at their time.

When you choose to join our school community, you will quickly realise that SJIS is a unique school and that you are part of something exceptional.  We do encourage you to visit us so that you can experience the school for yourselves.

Simon van Dinter

Deputy Principal (International Division)

Greetings from the Deputy Principal of the Sydney Japanese International School (Japanese Division)

SJIS is a true bilingual education, inspiring our students to be a Kakehashi, or a strong bridge connecting communities and cultures in a globalized world.

The Japanese Division curriculum is set by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan. We offer this curriculum from Years 1 to Year 9. The classes are taught in Japanese by the thirteen (13) teachers dispatched from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in Japan, and some locally hired teachers. The classes aim to provide solid academic foundations coupled with a strong English language program all within a multicultural context.

The Japanese curriculum has gained its reputation for its strength in Mathematics and Science. Some families transfer their children to this curriculum for that reason. At SJIS we offer a transfer policy for Japanese citizens to experience the best of both curriculum’s throughout the child’s schooling. These options can be discussed when we meet with you.

The real added benefit of the curriculum is the comprehensive daily English language program. Students learn English every day in one of three English language level classes. These smaller language classes are designed so each student is in the class appropriate to their ability so they can receive the attention and care that they need.

The Music, Arts, PE lessons, and Programming (coding) lessons are held together with the International Division. Teachers carry out the lessons using both Japanese and English, which helps the students to learn both languages. The students communicate using both Japanese and English in classes. These lessons also help students to understand both Japanese and Australian culture, whilst also having the opportunity to practice their language skills with their peers.

Many SJIS graduates go to well-known high-level schools in Japan. In addition, there are currently four schools that have strong connections with SJIS. We are planning to have connections with more schools in near future. By studying at SJIS, students can gain wide variety of choice in terms of schooling in the future.

Sydney Japanese International School provides a unique education that truly prepares a child for life in a globalized world.

We look forward to welcoming you to SJIS!

Mr Hiromasa Otsuka
Deputy Principal (Japanese Division)